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Better Call Saul: Yes, We Will See More Jimmy and Mike Together!

Jonathan Banks, Bob Odenkirk; Better Call Saul | Photo Credits: Nicole Wilder/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Better Call Saul's timeline is creeping closer to the beginning of Breaking Bad, which is pretty tragic but does come with an upside.

As Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) continues his descent into being Saul Goodman, his storyline will push him closer to being in Mike's (Jonathan Banks) orbit. The two Breaking Bad "colleagues" will be spending a bit more time together in Season 4 than we've seen on Better Call Saul in the past.

"I wish we saw more of Jimmy and Mike -- but we do see them," Odenkirk told TV Guide on the Better Call Saul premiere red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday. "They do get together this season, but it's never enough for me."

Odenkirk isn't the only one who loves when Jimmy and Mike spend time together. Their relationship is something that showrunner Peter Gould also looks forward to bringing to the screen.

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"We really want that to happen. We are so happy when we have a scene with Jimmy and Mike together because Bob and Jonathan Banks are money in the bank every single time. Having said that, we have to go where the story takes us," Gould teased on the same carpet. "You can feel, even when they aren't in the same scene together, you can certainly feel the two worlds overlapping."

While there will be more Jimmy and Mike, Gould confirmed that Dean Norris -- better known as DEA agent Hank Schraeder -- will not be seen in Season 4.

"I hate to burst the bubble but you're not going to see Dean Norris this season," Gould said. "It's a negative spoiler, but we'd love to see Dean."

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Co-showrunner Vince Gilligan promised they'd never tease a character was coming if he wasn't, but he is also optimistic that Hank could make an appearance later on down the road.

"One of our Breaking Bad writers taught us a great expression -- schmuck bait," Gilligan added. "Schmuck bait is when you promise something that you don't deliver on. We never want to be guilty of schmuck baiting our audience. Our audience has been too good to us to misuse or abuse them...We figure it's better just to nip this in the bud. I'd love to see Dean Norris in this show. I don't know why that shouldn't or couldn't happen at some point."

Maybe Season 5, yeah?

Better Call Saul Season 4 premieres Aug. 6 at 9/8c on AMC.

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Marvel's Iron Fist Has a Season 2 Premiere Date, if You Still Care

Finn Jones, Marvel's Iron Fist | Photo Credits: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Netflix has released a lot of Marvel superhero series over the last few years as part of its big deal with the entertainment giant that shook up the world back in 2013. And by far, the least liked of the bunch was Marvel's Iron Fist, which has a rusty 37 rating (out of 100) on Metacritic. So, if you still care, Season 2 of Iron Fist has a premiere date and a trailer.

You can get more of Finn Jones punching people and the ground when the series returns on Sept. 7, according to the date announcement trailer above. For reference, Season 1 was released on Mar. 17, 2017. Iron Fist also appeared in the superhero meet-up series The Defenders.

Jones stars as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, where he helps clean up the streets of New York with a mix of martial arts and... uhhh, super-powered hands? The series faced criticism after the caucasian Jones was cast as the martial arts master, despite the fact that the Iron Fist of the comics was also white. But most of the agreed problems of the first season had to do with pacing and writing more than anything else.

Iron Fist returns for Season 2 on Sept. 7 on Netflix.

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The No-Brainer Magnum P.I.-Hawaii Five-0 Crossover Will Happen, Obviously

Jay Hernandez, Magnum P.I. | Photo Credits: Karen Neal, CBS

In terms of potential crossover possibilities, this has to be right up there with peanut butter and jelly. Or in this case, spam and rice.

CBS' Hawaii-set reboots Hawaii Five-0 and Magnum P.I., which is joining the CBS fam this fall, will do some sort of crossover in the future, according to the creator of both shows, Peter Lenkov. Steve McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Magnum (Jay Hernandez) will eventually meet up due to a shared past.

During today's Comic-Con panel for Magnum P.I., Lenkov said, "The plan is to ultimately introduce those two characters, have them in a crossover episode, and at least have them know of each other. That's the fun of the fact they are both ex-Navy Seals," according to Entertainment Weekly.

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But the two shows will collide even sooner than expected. Hawaii Five-0's medical examiner will appear in the pilot of Magnum P.I., which is something Lenkov intentionally planned out. He said he wants viewers to understand that the two shows exist in the same universe before doing a full-on crossover episode.

Any chance MacGyver can hop on a plane for a three-way-crossover?

Hawaii Five-0 returns Sept. 28 and Magnum P.I. makes its debut on Sept. 24 on CBS.

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